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Tech Tip | Aventa 3.5: Switching a Hearing Instrument Fit from One Ear to Another using Airlink

This month’s Tech Tip continues to discuss Aventa 3.5’s connection flow; this time related to moving a hearing instrument assigned to one ear, over to the other. There may be times, when working with Aventa 3.5, that you perform a … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Comparison Program

Setting up a Copy of an Existing Program We have all been there.  Your patient has complaints about a program but you can’t determine exactly what adjustment will resolve the issue.  So you make some changes and cross your fingers … Continue reading

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Your Most Challenging Patient – The Musician?

By Steve Hallenbeck Over the past few months, I have worked with some musicians in field trials, remote fittings and with Resound customers.  As a musician, I found these fittings both challenging and rewarding.  One of the best things that … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Pairing a Phone Clip with a Cell Phone

The Phone Clip provides patients with the benefit of hands free talk time, when used with their cellular phone. Below are some tips to try when troubleshooting the pairing of a cellular phone to the Phone Clip. When a set … Continue reading

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FAQS – Aventa & Test Mode

How do I set ReSound devices into test mode?  Occasionally I like to put devices in a test box to check that they meet specs.  I cannot find a function in the Aventa software to do this. By Jenny Groth … Continue reading

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FAQs – Programming in Audiogram+

Is it acceptable if someone programs a GN ReSound hearing aid in Audiogram+ and then REMs to NAL? And if yes, why? By Jenny Groth Yes, it is acceptable. However, they should not be upset if they don’t get a … Continue reading

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Fitting Protocol Questions

It was recommended to me that I could use Corfig as a fitting protocol.  How would I do this? By Jenny Groth CORFIG is not a fitting protocol. It is the coupler response for flat insertion gain. What that means … Continue reading

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