Troubleshooting Pairing a Phone Clip with a Cell Phone

The Phone Clip provides patients with the benefit of hands free talk time, when used with their cellular phone. Below are some tips to try when troubleshooting the pairing of a cellular phone to the Phone Clip.

  • When a set of hearing aids are fit, make certain
    – Both have been programmed together in Aventa 3 and
    – The Phone Clip has been paired to the hearing instruments.

  • Check that the Phone Clip has been charged for at least 3 hours, recent to the appointment time.
  • Be sure that the Phone Clip is in pairing mode for the Bluetooth pairing sequence.
  • Start with the Phone Clip in the off position. This is evident, when the multifunction button is depressed for several seconds and four blue blinking lights are seen on the Phone Clip.
  • From the off position, hold the multifunction button down while looking for the following sequence to occur:
    – A blue light will be seen, disappear, and then reappear.   It is important that the multifunction button is depressed during this entire time.
    – The Phone Clip will now be in pairing mode for the next two minutes.
  • Once the Phone Clip is in pairing mode, initiate a search, pair, and connection sequence with the cellular phone.  If the cellular phone does not seem to pair and/or connect, try the following tips:
  • Reboot the cellular phone.
    – Reset the Phone Clip by pressing the pairing button down for approximately 10 seconds.
    – The pairing button is the small circular red button found when the silver cap is removed from the Phone Clip.
  • Initiate the pairing and connection sequence with a different cellular phone.
    – If the other cellular phone and Phone Clip appear to work together, this reinforces that the Phone Clip is functioning properly.

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6 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Pairing a Phone Clip with a Cell Phone”

  1. My phone clip no longer get into pairing mode. I made sure that phone clip is fully charge however when trying to pair with phone. While holding the multifunction button and the blue light comes on then off, after that briefly red light come on and off. the steady bliue light does not on for me to pair with the phone.. This is my second phone clip..I dont know what is wrong.. any advise or suggestions would be nice.. thank you.

    1. Hi Sunny, we would be happy to walk through the pairing process via phone, step by step. Please call the following number for help: 888-735-4327

  2. My new BlackBerry Classic will not pair with my Resound. It says I need to download an app. Is there one? My old BlackBerry paired immediately without any problem. Any advice?

    1. Hi Dan, If you’re trying to pair your ReSound Unite Phone Clip+, it should work just like it did with your old BlackBerry. It will pair through the Bluetooth settings menu and will show up as ‘Hearing Aid Phone,’ then when you tap on it, the pairing should be automatic. If that doesn’t work, you can contact our Consumer Support Team at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or email them at They’ll be able to troubleshoot with you!

  3. This is my third Phone clip due to the same problem. The answer/hang up button very seldom works as it’s flat against the clip body, no push return action at all. I for the most part let it go using the cell for that but their are times that button is needed but fails to respond. Is there a way to fix this or a warranty to replace with a unit that will function correctly? I feel that for the price you pay for this feature is expensive enough that it should work flawlessly. Costco agrees but it’s out of their hands to resolve the issue that Resound has caused due to this defect. Thank you.

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