What Was the First Sound You Noticed?

We recently asked our Facebook community about the first sound they really noticed after being fit with their new hearing aids.  Here are some of the responses:

  • My mum’s voice
  • Birdsong
  • The ice cream truck
  • My baby boy who is almost ten now!
  • My first set was hearing a cat lap water out of the bowl, and my second set was hearing my stepfather call me honey and say that he loves me.
  • The pendulum swinging on my coo coo clock! I couldn’t believe how sweet the clicking sounded!
  • When I left the clinic and jumped in my car and I heard my indicator for the first time in years. Usually I have to visually check I put it on, now I can hear it even over the top of my music 🙂
  • Road noise was really loud!

We’d love to hear about more of your “first sounds”.  Submit your “Moments” and www.gnresound.com/moments.

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