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Everything you need to know about Customs by ReSound – a new video by Dr. Cliff

In this review, Dr. Cliff shares his excitement about the new Customs by ReSound.

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Best hearing aid accessory – Expert advice from Laurie Osterman

If you travel with a hearing impairment and wear ReSound hearing aids, this video is going to help you see how you can hear everything...

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How to get started with hearing aids – A new video with Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff shares that everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to treating hearing loss. He discusses tips on how to...

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Sound Advice | Hearing Loss Insights from Mike Lussem

Mike, a ReSound ONE user, shares some "Sound Advice" on his experience with hearing loss, helped by Listen Hear Hearing Solutions in San Antonio, Tex.

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Trying ReSound ONE for the first time: #MyHearingDay – Story by Emily Jones

We invited Emily Jones to share her #MyHearingDay story and her experience in trying ReSound ONE hearing aids for the first time. In the video,...

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Hearing aid travel tips – Expert advice from Laurie Osterman

If you travel with a hearing impairment and wear hearing aids, this video can help you feel more confident when flying. YouTube travel expert Laurie...

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