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Trying ReSound ONE for the first time: #MyHearingDay – Story by Emily Jones

We invited Emily Jones to share her #MyHearingDay story and her experience in trying ReSound ONE hearing aids for the first time. In the video,...

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Hearing aid travel tips – Expert advice from Laurie Osterman

If you travel with a hearing impairment and wear hearing aids, this video can help you feel more confident when flying. YouTube travel expert Laurie...

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Three learnings after two years of hearing aid trial and error – Expert advice from Blake Cadwell

HearSoundly founder Blake Cadwell noticed that he had a hearing loss from an early age. About 2 years ago, he knew he had to do...

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Everything you need to know about Jabra Enhance Plus – a video from Dr. Cliff

In this review, Dr. Cliff shares his thoughts about Jabra Enhance Plus and why they are worth a try.

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How to access Apple’s built-in controls

By accessing your built-in controls, you can adjust your hearing aid programs, volume, as well as any wireless accessories you may have paired to your...

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Reconnecting ReSound Smart 3D app with Apple device after iOS 15.4 update

If you have installed iOS 15.4 and having trouble connecting to your ReSound Smart 3D app, follow these instructions to reconnect.

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