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Customs by ReSound – a hearing aid device that looks like an earbud | A new video by Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff shares how the Customs by ReSound hearing aids are designed to treat your hearing loss with a device that looks...

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Life as a DJ with a hearing loss – a new video by Julie Slavin aka Hesta Prynn

In this video, Julie Slavin, also known as Hesta Prynn, talks about her hearing loss journey and her life as a successful DJ. She shares...

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Guest Post | I wore ReSound OMNIA to an NFL Game. Here’s what happened.

In this post, Blake Cadwell, shares his experience wearing his ReSound OMNIA hearing aids while putting them to the test at the SoFi Stadium in...

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3 hearing aid features you DON’T know about… but should! – A new video with Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff speaks to three features of hearing aids that most people don’t know about, but really should. He mentions how ReSound...

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3 ways to cut out background noise – a new video by Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff discusses 3 ways to help you hear better in background noise.

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Whatever You Think About Hearing Aids, Think Again

Are custom-made hearing aids making a comeback?

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