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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids – a new video from Dr. Cliff

Everyone deserves the opportunity to upgrade their hearing aid technology. In this new video, Dr. Cliff Olson takes a deep dive into top 5 reasons...

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Can you hear the sounds of the holidays?

Do you suspect someone you love is unable to hear the sounds of the holidays? It's important for family members and friends to step in...

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ReSound ONE’s Positive Impact on a Musician’s Life – a Q & A Vlog from Dr. Richard Niles

In this informative Q & A video, music composer Dr. Richard Niles talks about his career in music, the importance of his hearing loss and...

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Upgrades in Hearing Technology – A reminder of how far we have come!

World Champion kayaker and professional fisherman, Eric Jackson shares his experience taking a step back in ReSound technology.

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At Home Hearing Care – a new video from Dr. Cliff

Everyone deserves great hearing care… no matter where you are. In this new video, Dr. Cliff takes a deep dive into the benefits and technology...

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For Eric Jackson, world-class kayaking (and hearing loss) is a family affair

Men are twice as likely to experience hearing loss than women... and are less likely to seek help. Kayaking legend (and dad) Eric Jackson shares...

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