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Cutting Through Background Noise – a new video from Dr. Cliff

Dr. Cliff explains how to cut through the background noise to hear what you want to hear.

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When Technology Finally Catches up to Our Needs

Three more generations of hearing aids over the past 18 years brings us to what I believe is the critical moment in hearing aid history,...

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Reduce wind noise in hearing aids; improve sound localization – a new video from Dr. Cliff

M&RIE can reduce wind noise up to 19 decibels, making it possible to hear speech outside on a windy day.

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October is Protect Your Hearing Month – 5 Tips on Hearing Loss Prevention

Damage to hearing occurs over time, as the total exposure to loud sound builds up. Or it can happen with a one-time, intense burst of...

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Meet Eric Jackson – Hear More. Do More. Be More.

World Champion Kayaker, Entrepreneur Joins Forces with ReSound to Promote Treatment of Hearing Loss

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Sound Advice | Hearing Loss Insights from Rosie Guagliardo

“I’d recommend testing (hearing aids) out. And, to give yourself time to get used to them as your brain hasn’t heard certain sounds ever or...

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