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The holidays are “hear”: How to make the holidays hearing-loss friendly

In this blog, you’ll learn some tips on how to help create a hearing-loss friendly environment that’ll help everyone thrive while celebrating the holidays.

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Advancing audio accessibility for all

How can we make hearing more inclusive and accessible for all? Get the key takeaways from our recent roundtable with Bluetooth SIG and hearing experts...

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Reasons why you should choose ReSound Nexia

In this video, GN Hearing’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Miguel Angel Aranda de Toro, Ph.D., shares why ReSound Nexia™ is the model that hearing aid...

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Guest Post | O.A.R. Lead Singer Marc Roberge speaks up about hearing aids

In this blog, Blake Cadwell, Soundly's Founder and CEO interviewed Marc Roberge, O.A.R.'s Lead Singer who currently wears Jabra Enhance Plus on his experience with...

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Want to know about the next era of hearing and connectivity?

Learn about ReSound Nexia hearing aids and how Auracast broadcast audio, a new Bluetooth capability, and Intel can enrich your hearing and open up a...

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Sound Advice: Things you can do to minimize hearing loss

Everyone deserves great hearing. This blog shares daily habits or things a person can do to prevent hearing loss and protect their hearing.

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