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Guest Post | My First 30 Days Wearing ReSound ONE Hearing Aids

In his latest review, Blake from the Hear Soundly blog tried ReSound ONE™, sharing impressions of his first 30 days wearing these hearing aids.

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Finding Good Hearing Aids on a Budget – a new video from Dr. Cliff

Everyone deserves great hearing. In this video, Dr. Cliff discusses affordable hearing aids and takes a deep dive into ReSound Key.

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Guest Post | Are Hearing Aids a Cure for Tinnitus?

It is well known that hearing aids are the best treatment for hearing loss. But are they a cure for tinnitus, too? In this article,...

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3 Tips to Evaluate Tinnitus Management Smartphone Apps

Many people use smartphone apps to manage tinnitus. But with hundreds of apps out there, how do you pick? Before you download, check these three...

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Sound Advice | Hearing Loss Insights from Lottie Marshall

"All of these [sounds] I have only since discovered since having ReSound hearing aids, which I cannot thank enough for!"

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Guest Post | How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Blake from the Hear Soundly Blog takes a deeper dive into how these complex devices actually work.

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