More Public Places Are Getting In The “Loop”

In May, we wrote a blog post about Thumper Johnson’s interactive dinner theater event. The event, which was designed to provide a “test drive” experience for participants, was a huge success for Thumper, resulting in quite a number of hearing instrument sales.

old logNow, other practices are following suit. The Hearing Shoppes of MN will be hosting its first solutions-focused event at the Old Log Theater in Excelsior, MN, on October 10.  As with Thumper’s event, participants will be fitted with ReSound hearing aids prior to the show and they will be able to experience a variety of real-life listening situations as they enjoy watching the “Cowgirls” musical.

The Hearing Shoppes will be busing in around 100 people from local senior living communities. “These are people who have stopped going to plays, movies and musicals because of background noise or the inability to hear properly,” says Matt Mathis, owner of The Hearing Shoppes. “Via this special event, we’re going to show them that they can have their old lives back again.”

After the October 10 event, the Unite Streamer will remain at the Old Log Theater for any ReSound hearing aid wearer to use when they attend a show. More and more public places, like churches and theaters, are introducing the technology “loop”, whereby people with hearing loss can tune their hearing aids directly into the venue’s sound system for an enhanced listening experience.

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