“The Top Ten Things I Love About My New ReSound LiNX!”

Steph Cowling, ReSound LiNX UserEar, Nose, and Throat Specialists of Wisconsin recently shared with us this great reaction to ReSound LiNX from one of their patients, Stephanie Cowling. She says, “I would recommend these hearing aids to anyone! It [ReSound LiNX] really is an amazing product!” Here’s Stephanie’s list of the top ten things she loves about ReSound LiNX.

The Top 10 Things I Love About My New LiNX!

  1. The ability to connect directly to the iPhone so I can listen wireless to music during workouts
  2. Using them to listen to online lectures for school at any time, streaming directly to the hearing aids
  3. Being able to adjust the treble/bass to my liking to different situations
  4. They are small but are still outside-the-ear devices. They are not very noticeable especially with the skin-tone or hair color casing
  5. The ReSound Smart app remembers the settings at particular locations and asks if I want to use the same settings when I return to the location
  6. The way the hearing aids cut out background noise and make the important sounds forward
  7. The sound clarity is by far the best compared to any other product
  8. I love that it automatically connects and works with all of the iPhone apps and that I do not have to go through particular steps every time I want to connect to the apps
  9. Using the different settings to be able to change the directions in which the sound is coming from right on the iPhone
  10. I also love that incoming calls and outgoing calls can be heard through the hearing aids! It makes talking on the phone and doing other tasks extremely easy!!!

Hearing care professionals everywhere are having similar experiences with patients who are ecstatic about the new Made for iPhone technology and amazing sound quality of ReSound LiNX.

Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

What do you or your patients love the most about ReSound LiNX?


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