Learn About LiNX – The World’s Smartest Hearing Aid

ReSound LiNX lets you offer patients direct access to everything from superior speech understanding in noise to high-quality stereo sound streamed directly from an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. Now you have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing technology behind it!

ReSound is offering 3 courses about ReSound LiNX over at AudiologyOnline.com.  The first “Sneak Peek” course takes only 15 minutes and allows you to preview the following:

  • The technology that makes ReSound LiNX so smart, including Surround Sound by ReSound™ and our SmartRange™ Platform
  • The capabilities of ReSound LiNX when used in conjunction with Apple devices
  • ReSound’s newest software platform, Aventa 3.6

Register for the courses below to learn even more about ReSound LiNX and earn CEUs.

ReSound LiNX will be available soon!  Visit ReSoundLiNX.com to learn more

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