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Sounds of Summer

Summer is officially here! For many, summertime spells vacation. But something that shouldn’t take a vacation is your hearing protection! Summer time activities can expose you to some high decibel levels, so make sure to have your hearing protection handy … Continue reading

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7 steps to keep ReSound hearing aids clean and tip-top shape

Spring time has arrived, and with it, the tradition of spring cleaning. While spring cleaning is a once-a-year occurrence, routine cleaning and maintenance of your ReSound hearing aids can help prolong their durability.  Here are 7 steps to follow to … Continue reading

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Tech Tip | ReSound LiNX Receiver Options and Insertion Tips

ReSound LiNX is truly a revolutionary product, offering numerous state-of-the-art features. The MFi (Made For iPhone) capabilities of these instruments are certainly at the forefront of technological progress. Additionally, ReSound LiNX offers connectivity to Unite Accessories, and has many advanced … Continue reading

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Tech Tip | Utilizing the Synchronized Acceptance Manager with ReSound LiNX Hearing Instruments in Aventa 3.6

Aventa 3.6 allows users to utilize the Acceptance Manger, a feature that provides changes in gain settings, over a period of time and amount of usage, as determined by the hearing healthcare specialist. This is supported in both the ReSound … Continue reading

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Tech Tip | Replacing One Hearing Instrument of a Binaural Fit when Connecting only the Replacement Instrument

In Aventa, our latest version of fitting software, there is a connection scenario that requires a cabled setup. When an initial binaural fit has occurred, and one of the original instruments is replaced while the other original instrument is … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Verso IIC Hearing Instruments: Features and Connectivity in Aventa 3.5

ReSound offers the Verso 9 and 7 in an IIC model, providing an ultra small, discrete fitting option. This invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) instrument provides superior sound quality and performance, without the need of taking deep impressions. Our Tech Tip this month … Continue reading

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Tech Tip | Aventa 3.5: Switching a Hearing Instrument Fit from One Ear to Another using Airlink

This month’s Tech Tip continues to discuss Aventa 3.5’s connection flow; this time related to moving a hearing instrument assigned to one ear, over to the other. There may be times, when working with Aventa 3.5, that you perform a … Continue reading

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