Tech Tip – Recalculating an Initial Fit Using In-Situ Audiometry Results

ReSound’s Aventa 3.2.5 software includes In-Situ Audiometry, and the option to recalculate instrument(s) program settings based on updated audiometric data.

In-Situ Audiometry ScreenIn-Situ Audiometry Screen
Once In-Situ Audiometry is complete, selecting, “Auto Fit,” will recalculate instrument(s) program settings, or choosing “Save” and “Close,” stores In-Situ results, with an option to recalculate at a later time.

Aventa 3.2 Main Menu
Aventa 3.2 Main Menu
If you did not choose to perform “Auto Fit,” while in the In-Situ Audiometry Screen, at a later point, from the Aventa 3.2.5 Main Menu, select, “Fitting” and “Reset to Initial Fit.” Select, “In-Situ Audiogram,” and “Fit.”

Note:  To view In-Situ Audiometric results in the Pre-Fit screen, ensure that there is a check mark in the box next to, “In-Situ Audiogram.”

Pre-Fit Screen

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