I would have never found this hearing aid had it not been for this app!

This testimonial blog is courtesy of Jim Ahler, a ReSound user who wished to share his story with us. We have not edited or changed Jim’s thoughts (beyond adding links) to preserve the integrity of the message.

The staff at Raleigh Ear, Nose & Throat suggested I share my story about my hearing aids experience. I absolutely love my ReSound hearing aids and was particularly interested in the ReSound product because of the iPhone app technology. I am very glad, as you will read, that I selected your product!

On January 22nd, my wife and I participated in a Holt Brothers charity event at the indoor football facility on NC State University’s campus. It was a huge party with more than 400 folks and included watching the Atlanta Falcons/Green Bay Packers playoff game on big screen TVs. When we arrived and registered, we were given a lanyard with our identification on it and several sets of beads with the colors of the team we supported.

When the party concluded, we packed up our coats and bags, etc. Walking out, we took off all of the beads and lanyard and left them on the registration table. I had my left hand and arm full of coats and scarfs, so I removed everything with my right hand. I did not realize until we got home that I did not have either hearing aid on! They apparently came off as I pulled off the beads and lanyard. I did not notice they were missing until I arrived at my home. That was an hour later and the space was cleaned up and closed!

We managed to get hold of a friend on Raleigh’s City Council, who reached out to one of the NC State University (NCSU) Athletic Department staff, who was involved in the party. She agreed to meet us at the venue and let us into the facility. She warned us the cleaning crew had finished their work and had left the facility. When we arrived, she told us the cleaning crew remembered finding the hearing aids, but they threw them away! One was in a garbage can somewhere inside the indoor football facility, but the other was likely in a large black trash bag in an industrial sized dumpster on the back of the property in the woods.

We used your hearing aid finder app technology to walk around the football facility. When we got close to my right hearing aid, the bar on the ReSound app started to rise on my phone screen. As we got closer, we discovered it was in the bottom of a trash bin that had a brand new bag in it! I would have never found this hearing aid had it not been for this app! It gets better, though.

We then drove to the industrial dumpster on the back of the property in the woods, in the rain, at 11 pm, and began pulling large black garbage bags out of it. Our vehicle headlights illuminated the dumpster for us to see what we were doing. The NCSU staffer was on one side of the dumpster, while I was on the other. My wife held my phone using your app reading each bag for the missing hearing aid. On the 20th bag we pulled out, we got a faint reading. We ripped open the bag and, using the app technology, searched the contents until we found the left one!  Both hearing aids were working just fine.

We are obviously indebted to the NCSU staffer who went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. We sent her flowers and a spa gift to reward her kindness. I wanted to share this wonderful success story with you and your company and thank you for your terrific technology! I wouldn’t have found these hearing aids without it.

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2 thoughts on “I would have never found this hearing aid had it not been for this app!”

  1. Ralph Coolbaugh

    … or he could have purchased over the counter Hearing Aids for 1/10th the price … and he could program them himself instead of making umpteen trips to the “audiologist” or “fitter” …. I will not make the resound mistake again.

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