Tech Tip | Aventa 3.5: Switching a Hearing Instrument Fit from One Ear to Another using Airlink

This month’s Tech Tip continues to discuss Aventa 3.5’s connection flow; this time related to moving a hearing instrument assigned to one ear, over to the other. There may be times, when working with Aventa 3.5, that you perform a fit, assigning a hearing instrument to one side, and at a later point, decide you would like to move it. The steps below outline how to perform this connection change, using Airlink.

  1. Launch the original monaural fit saved session.

January Tech Tip Image 12.  When you receive the Connection prompt, choose “Simulate.”

January Tech Tip Image 23.  Navigate to the Pre-Fit screen and select “Change Instruments.”

January Tech Tip Image 3

4.  Deselect the currently identified instrument, by left mouse clicking twice on any hearing instrument in the list. When you no longer see a picture of a hearing instrument in the lower box, select “OK.”

January Tech Tip Image 45.   Navigate to the Fit or Start screen. It is important that you see, and select “Yes,” to the following reset prompt.

January Tech Tip Image 5

6.  Once in either the Fit or Start screen, select “Connect.” In the subsequent prompt, confirm Airlink as your interface and select “Connect.”

January Tech Tip Image 6January Tech Tip Image 7
7.   Assign your hearing instrument to the other ear.

January Tech Tip Image 8January Tech Tip Image 9

8.  When you receive the Connection prompt, select “Use Session” audiogram, leave “Recalculate Gain” check marked, and select “Continue.”

January Tech Tip Image 10
9.  Proceed with your fit and select “Save” when the session is complete.

January Tech Tip Image 11

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