FAQs – Programming in Audiogram+

Jennifer GrothIs it acceptable if someone programs a GN ReSound hearing aid in Audiogram+ and then REMs to NAL? And if yes, why?

By Jenny Groth

Yes, it is acceptable. However, they should not be upset if they don’t get a match because they are comparing to different targets than what the device is adjusted to meet. I’m guessing in a lot of cases they will be increasing gains to meet the NAL targets if that’s what their goal is. If they are just interested in seeing where they are compared to the NAL targets then certainly there’s no problem with that. Audiogram+ is developed independently of NAL using a somewhat different approach and rationale, whereas some manufacturers have fitting rules that are based off of NAL (like the Beltone BAFA rationale). This means that while it would be reasonable to expect a Beltone hearing aid fit to BAFA to be within spitting distance of NAL targets, one should not expect that a ReSound hearing aid fit to Audiogram+ to be.


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