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Jennifer GrothHow do I set ReSound devices into test mode?  Occasionally I like to put devices in a test box to check that they meet specs.  I cannot find a function in the Aventa software to do this.

By Jenny Groth

At present we do not have a function that sets the hearing aids for testing against specs in Aventa 2 or Aventa 3 (but will have it in Aventa 3 at some point). Right now you have to look at the datasheet to see the settings. So these are the steps:

  • Select “REM test” as the program to disable special signal processing that might affect the measurements (e.g. noise reduction, environmental optimizer settings)
  • For FOG, click on the upper left cell to select all gains and increase until they do not go up further
  • For RTG, check the gains on the datasheet (usually located at the bottom of page 2) and set accordingly. These numbers assume you are in the “insertion gain” view and that you have chosen “pure tone” as the stimulus. These are the default view/stimulus settings in both Aventa2 and 3 so if you haven’t changed them then you’re fine

Note that when setting RTG, the physical properties setting can make it difficult to see what the low frequency amplifier gains are. In Aventa 3, this is easily remedied by setting physical properties to “none”. Then no vent corrections are applied to the display and you can see how the amplifier gains are set. In Aventa 2, also choose “none” for BTE and “no vent” for customs. In Aventa 2, open fit products do not have “none” as a physical properties setting. Thus I would recommend configuring to “closed” and then setting physical properties to “none”. However, if you do choose to do test box measures with an open fit BTE (configured as thin tube), then you must have the thin tube attached and mount to the HA1 coupler with either putty or a thin tube attachment if you have one of those. The specs for the open fit BTE were done with the thin tube attached.

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