Setting Up a Comparison Program

Setting up a Copy of an Existing Program

We have all been there.  Your patient has complaints about a program but you can’t determine exactly what adjustment will resolve the issue.  So you make some changes and cross your fingers that the patient is satisfied when he or she comes back in for the next follow up appointment, only to have the patient report that he or she thinks that the previous settings may have been better but they can’t be sure.

Instead of falling victim to the adjustment guessing game, ReSound has provided you with a quick and easy way to make a copy of an existing program so that your patient can leave your office with the original program as well as a duplicate of that program with whatever adjustments you deemed necessary.  They can then try both options and return to you with a more educated observation.

To create this program copy, ensure that the patient’s hearing aids are connected to Aventa.  You will find the Copy option on the Fit screen directly under the hearing aid program tabs.


Make sure you are currently in the program that you want to copy and then click the Copy tab.  After this action is completed, you will see the top of the available program tabs flash dark red.


Click on the tab where you would like to place the duplicate program and then click Paste, which you will find to the right of the Copy button.  *Helpful hint:  you cannot drop the duplicate setting into a non-assigned program slot, for example P3:None.  You must first activate the desired program tab by creating a program in that tab.  It does not matter what type of program you turn on.

diagram3Once you click paste, you will have the option of pasting the copied program for the right ear, left ear or for both.

The copied program will be indicated with a number in parenthesis next to the program name.


Now you can make your desired changes, save the settings and allow the patient to make comparisons in their own listening environments!

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