Direct Mail Best Practices

When it comes to Direct Mail, there are three keys to success:

  • The quality of the mailing list
    (Your own list is better than purchasing a list from a third party)
  • The compelling reason to act now (the offer)
  • The creative approach

ReSound’s Marketing ReSource Center leverages best practices to help you create compelling direct mail campaigns that engage.

Best Practices

  • Use tested campaigns
  • Use images that help people relate (e.g. images of older people, but not “too old”)
  • Tread carefully on the notion that hearing aids should be completely unnoticeable
  • Ensure that the 5 Ws are present:
    – Who is selling?
    – What is the product?
    – Why should they buy it (now)?
    – Where can they buy it?
    – When can they buy it?
  • Use color – it works!
  • Bigger is better (don’t make text too small)
  • Make sure you can track conversions that come directly from your campaign

When it comes to the “offer”, research shows that the most compelling offers are as follow:

  1. Free 30-day Trial/Test Drive (call to action, reason to believe)
  2. 30% off (helps address cost concern)
  3. $500 Trade-in Event (…if you have something to trade in….)
  4. Free accessories
  5. Free Mini Microphone
  6. Free Lunch and Learn
  7. Open House
  8. Free 32” flat-screen TV with purchase

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