Kansas Audiologist Hosts Interactive Dinner Theater Event

Thumper Johnson
Thumper Johnson

Thumper Johnson of Mid-Kansas Ear Nose & Throat Associates likes to host educational events for customers at least once a year.  We’re not talking about your standard hearing loss seminar, however.  Johnson’s events are designed to provide a “real experience” where individuals with hearing loss can test drive technology in real-life hearing scenarios.

On May 21st, Johnson is hosting an event at her local dinner theater for up to 250 individuals. All attendees will be fitted with the latest ReSound technology and accessories to test drive while they enjoy dinner and watch “Little Women” on stage.  The event provides a variety of listening situations: one-on-one and small groups during dinner; listening to a speaker and watching a play.  The play’s audio will be streamed directly to the hearing aids to provide the best listening experience possible.

Johnson anticipates that 25% of attendees will already be wearing the latest technology, but desire more information on how they can tune into public transmitters (in theaters, churches, etc). “Some are just chronic seminar goers,” she says, “they just want to come and talk.”

ReSound’s Laurel Christensen, Chief Audiology Officer, will also be Laurel Christensen, GN ReSoundpresenting the latest data on hearing loss from John Hopkins.  She will talk about the problems that hearing loss can lead to – beyond communication.

Johnson has found these types of events to be very successful.  “You can host customer events without shoving hearing aids down people’s throats,” she says. “An experience-focused event builds more loyalty to the practice that is giving the seminar. It doesn’t matter what your products are; if people develop loyalty to your practice, they will always trust you to have their best interests at heart.”

She adds, “people are much more receptive when you don’t sell to them. You don’t have to push; the technology sells itself.”



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