Office Design – Creating a Positive Impression

Continuing on from Friday’s post on “office design”, here are Lauri Ward’s tips for creating a positive impression on patients.


  • Go with LED lighting, which is full spectrum lighting.
  • The office needs to be well lit for older patients.  Most offices have either poor lighting or too harsh lighting. You need to find the balance.
  • For table lamps, use a 3 way bulb instead of a 60 watt bulb.
  • If you’re using standard overhead lighting, be careful that it doesn’t reflect off computer screens.  This causes eye strain and headaches.  Also, be sure to use black baffles.
  • If you don’t have natural light in your office, up the wattage of your bulbs.
  • Use Lutron dimmers instead of round dimmers.  All overhead lighting should have dimmers.
  • If you have a low ceiling, use recess lighting.

Window Treatments

  • Never use curtains or vertical blinds.


  • Older patients feel more secure on carpet.
  • According to the National Building Association, carpets really help with an older person’s perception of a corporate location.
  • carpets are perfect for audiology clinics.


  • Make sure they’re clean and not worn out.
  • Ultra Suede is a good fabric to use.
  • Solid colors make the space look bigger; patterns make it look smaller.
  • Use commercial grade fabric on seating.
  • Make sure that all seating is uniform in color.


  • Always choose rounded corners for tables.  They offer good Feng Shui and make people feel more comfortable in the environment.
  • Provide sufficient seating for patients and family members but don’t overcrowd the waiting room with furniture.
  • Keep in mind that people prefer to have their own seat.  Opt for individual chairs rather than sofas that require sharing.
  • A u-shaped seating area is ideal.

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