Marketing – Being Authentic to Your “Fit”

Understanding where your practice “fits” is a key first step to successful marketing, but what does it mean to be “authentic to this fit”?

Kevin MensinkKevin Mensink, ReSound’s VP of Marketing, presented on this topic at our recent Business Partner Summit.

What is it that your practice does and says about itself?  What do others say about your practice? To create authenticity in your marketing, ensure that you have an integrated approach and be sure your practice delivers on all that is touted in its marketing.  The Audiology Practice Management guide (2nd edition) finds that two-thirds of patients a practice loses is likely due to a poorly integrated brand experience.

Another important marketing point to think about for your practice is that Not all marketing is created equal. People seek other people – family, friends, and neighbors – to support or inform their decisions. You can leverage your own people and customers at your practice by encouraging patient and employee referrals. Also, understand where your current patients are coming from. How many patients are new versus existing? Have they tried other practices in the area? Why did they select your practice?

It can be easy to drop off with the patient relationship and communication after the appointment or fitting, so remember that to be authentic and leverage the power of word-of-mouth, you must keep in contact with your patients. An example of this is a practice newsletter.  The ease of access to information in today’s world has also changed how we market, so keep an eye towards and monitor how the outside world perceives your practice.

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  1. I’ve had a few patient centered events to keeps patients in the loop. Recently I hosted a Handbell Choir Concert. Patients and their friends who went are still talking about how wonderful it was and those who didn’t make it are lamenting missing it!!! It was a great marketing event!!!!

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