Private Practice – Standing Out in the Crowd

Gyl KasewurmOne of the hardest things about private practice management is creating positive visibility for your practice in your marketplace.  What are some things you can do to really stand out?

Private practice owner, Dr. Gyl Kasewurm, believes offering extraordinary customer service is the secret to pulling ahead of  the competition.

Treat patients like good friends
•  Greet new patients at the door
•  Communicate how happy you are that they chose your practice
•  Train receptionists to acknowledge a patient’s arrival immediately and greet them by name
•  Make sure a real person answers your phone
•  Don’t put patients “on hold” on the phone
•  Return phone calls as soon as possible

Offer the fastest service in town
•  Repair broken hearing aids there and then while the patient waits
•  Don’t make patients wait for their appointment

Show gratitude
•  Send a hand written thank you note when a patient refers a friend or relative
•  Send a bouquet of flowers or other gift when a patient refers multiple people to your practice

Respond to complaints quickly and comprehensively
•  Go the extra mile to satisfy an unhappy patient, no matter who was at fault
•  When scheduling errors occur, admit the mistake, apologize and ensure that they do not have to wait when they return

Going above and beyond patient expectations is a very effective form of marketing.  When customers leave your practice happy and remember you, they come back.  Repeat business and referrals are exactly what you need to grow a business.

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  1. Am currently thinking of setting up my own consultancy Firm after working with a consultancy firm for like 4yeras, can you please guide as to what and what to do to grow the business?

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