Audiologists Speak: Real Life Uses of Wireless Accessories

One thing we constantly hear from our private practice customers is a keen interest in real life examples of how the Unite wireless accessories have been used to help other patients.

Thumper JohnsonThumper Johnson, an audiologist at Mid-Kansas Ear Nose & Throat, has a good memory for patient stories and has collected a variety of real life examples that she can use when meeting with new patients.

“I have one patient who uses her Mini Mic in yoga and water aerobics class.  When I shared that with my dentist’s wife, she said, ‘Oh, I could use that in my Pilates class!’  I wouldn’t have thought that she would want a Mini Mic accessory but she took one right away.”

Talking with patients about their every day needs and sharing other people’s stories helps them envision how an accessory would potentially fit into their lifestyle and provide benefit.  Some examples highlight how an accessory may help return a certain quality of life that was missing before.

“I have a patient who says it has given her and her husband back that meaningless banter conversation that means so much to a relationship, but is often halted when it takes 3 repeats to get it across,” says Thumper. “It just isn’t important enough information to warrant that much effort.  Without it, their talking just becomes utilitarian and that deteriorates the relationship.   She said it’s taken the stress out of their communication.“

“I have a gentleman who says he can hear the guys at breakfast now and that makes him enjoy going to breakfast much more.  He is more secure in his communication now that he’s sure he’s hearing the conversation.”

“I have a gentleman who was recently traveling in Canada and was stopped for using his cell phone while driving.  He was told it was a $150 fine.  He came home and immediately bought a phone clip.”

“The wireless accessories really sell themselves,” says Thumper.  “I just share the experiences.  I don’t share the same ones with everyone.  It really depends on what their lifestyle is and where their needs lie.”

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