Tips for Demoing Alera

A live demo of ReSound Alera and Unite wireless accessories is a highly effective way to communicate user benefits.  We’re always interested in hearing from our community of dispensers and hearing care professionals about demoing techniques that have been particularly effective.

Here are some demoing tips we’ve received:

The best way to demo an Alera is using the accessories

It’s a good idea to set the streamer to “+ mic” instead of the default which is Streamer only. Otherwise, the patient will suddenly stop hearing his/her spouse and the dispenser altogether when going into the Streamer program.  It’s hard to explain to someone who can’t hear you, but hears the TV loud and clear, that they have a choice between hearing the TV only (like it is defaulted) and hearing the TV plus the world around them, when you just turned off the world around them.

Change the default setting for a demo from stream only to  keep TV Streamer + HI Mic and set the mic balance to +3 to avoid this confusion altogether.

The remote control demonstration is now easier as well since the Remote Control VC controls the world around the patient versus the TV streamer VC which controls the TV. It’s just easier to explain in this demo setting. Typically the comfort user experience level is also better for new users. Steps to take:

  • Open the demo file and input the new audio from the results obtained that day
  • Enter Aventa 3 and choose the appropriate experience level (For new users, “COMFORT EXPERIENCE LEVEL” is optimal)
  • Click AutoFit – Demo aids will CONNECT, prompt the DFS calibration and SAVE
    – Stop here to verify the correct receiver is selected. If not, enter the Pre-Fit tab to reconfigure the devices. All previous data is erased and devices are like new aids
    – If you are in the Member’s file this will be a new fitting, so you must assign the R and L ears. Keep in mind, when the new member’s devices arrive for the Fit appointment, you will need to unassign these demos, prior to connecting and assigning the new aids
  • Keep the TV Streamer paired to the demo aids and connected to your computer using the USB charger and the audio adapter
  • Keep the Remote Control paired and in the lock “off” position
  • Keep the BlueTooth phone clip paired and charged

Demoing the Unite TV wireless accessory is most effective when a companion is present.

  • With the hearing aids turned off, ask the companion to adjust the volume of the TV to his/her comfort.
  • Ask the patient for comments on that volume level.
  • Put the patient into streaming mode and discuss the difference.
  • Show how the HI volume can be controlled on the Unite TV base.
  • Have the patient walk around the room to demonstrate

Use environmental noise to highlight the difference between Alera 9 and Alera 5.

Program a set of AL961 with Natural Directionality in P1 and Basic + SoftSwitching with mild noise reduction in P2.  Pair the Unite Remote Control and take the patient outside.  Let them experience conversation in the presence of traffic and other environment noise then change the program to P2 and wait for their reaction.  The comparison of these two programs should be quite noticeable and a good example of the difference between Alera 9 and Alera 5.

What do you think is the best way to demo sound quality and wireless accessories?

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