Strategies for Selling Unite™ Wireless Accessories

We know from our regional sales directors and business partners that selling hearing aid accessories is not easy.  Based on the feedback we’ve received from audiology clinics and dispensers, we’ve come up with some recommended strategies to boost your wireless accessories sales.

  1. Use bundled pricing
  2. Keep patient needs front and center; determine whether a patient will benefit from wireless accessories during their clinical evaluation
  3. Avoid recommending Unite accessories to patients that won’t necessarily find substantial benefit or will find them confusing
  4. Demo wireless accessories for the patient during their visit, but only if you think they are relevant and will offer a benefit to the patient

We tested this approach out and found a big difference in response.  It was certainly a great help to include the patient’s spouse as part of the demonstration. We first fit the hearing aids then asked the patient to push the streaming button on the remote. The hearing aids then streamed to the DVD player, TV or iPad. With sound now coming from the audio devices, both the spouse and patient could hear the movie. We turned the sound down on the DVD player so that spouse couldn’t hear it and then asked the patient if they could still hear the movie at a comfortable level. When they said yes, the spouse invariably became excited about this capability.

When it came time to present the price, we found offering a complete bundled package and price to the patient was really important. To do this, we simply added the price of the accessories (using a 20% mark-up) to the price of the hearing instruments and offered it as a complete package. Because we were thorough in our evaluation and demonstration, we knew just what the patient needed.

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2 thoughts on “Strategies for Selling Unite™ Wireless Accessories”

  1. Nice post. I agree that bundling the hearing devices with the accessories makes for a more streamlined decision for the patient. Having them see and listen to them in action is a great idea. The simplicity of the Resound devices, especially with the Alera, is remarkable. Well done Resound!
    Rich Reikowski, Au.D
    (I invite you to check out our blog

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