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Consumer & Dispenser Feedback Leads to 2G Unite Accessories

Open any kitchen utensil drawer and languishing in the back is likely a collection of wine aerators, garlic peelers, cherry pitters, and other gadgets that promised to make life easier for the home cook but turned out not to be all that useful. The hearing aid industry also has had its share of junk drawer items that did not prove their utility, and quietly disappeared from the market. Continue reading

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Sequels – Better Than the Originals?

In the movie world, sequels are often a let down from the original, but when it comes to technology, second generation devices usually improve on the ones that came before. Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – Unite Mini Mic Success Stories

We’ve received some great feedback so far from audiologists and dispensers using the Unite Mini Microphone wireless accessory.  Some ReSound customers have joked that the Mini Mic has saved a number of marriages and others have shared the unique ways … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – Adopting New Technology at Your Practice

When it comes to being successful in private practice, one thing we hear consistently from our customers is the importance of believing in the products you sell.  The right mix of technology and customer service is a winner for business … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite TV Remote Control Part 2

How do I return to home settings? Home settings, i.e. those that apply whenever the hearing instruments are first turned on, will be activated by pressing the Home button. Pressing the Home button will: a.    Activate program 1 in both … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Remote Control

How do I unlock and lock the Remote Control? A two-position key lock switch, located on the right side of the Remote Control, serves to prevent accidental activation. This feature is handy when the device is kept in a pants’ … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite TV Streamer Part 2

Can I hear others in the room while watching TV? It is possible to hear others in the room while watching TV if the hearing instruments is programmed with a streaming + microphone program. Ask your Hearing Care Professional what … Continue reading

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