Alera FAQs – Unite TV Remote Control Part 2

How do I return to home settings?
Home settings, i.e. those that apply whenever the hearing instruments are first turned on, will be activated by pressing the Home button. Pressing the Home button will:
a.    Activate program 1 in both hearing instruments
b.    Adjust both hearing instruments to default volume settings
c.    Set volume to simultaneous adjustment mode
The home button will also terminate any streamed audio signals from ReSound Unite TV.

Why does the Remote Control not react to key press?
There are a few reasons why this may occur:
a.    The Remote Control performs best when buttons are pressed one step at a time rather than in rapid sequence. When adjusting volume, for example, briefly press a button and wait a short moment for the beep tones to be heard before continuing. This tip applies to all button use but is especially relevant to volume adjustments.
b.    The Key Lock may be activated.

When do I need to change the battery?
To conserve battery life, the remote control has a Standby feature that automatically turns off the display after 20 seconds of nonuse. Whenever the display is dark, simply press any button on the keypad to awaken the display and then perform the desired action.
A yellow battery symbol appears on the display when the batteries in the remote control are low and should be changed. Otherwise, if the display doesn’t awaken when pressing a button on the keypad, you will need to change the battery.

Is the Remote Control waterproof?
No, it isn’t. Like other electronic devices, exposure to water or excessive moisture may damage the product. If the Remote Control is unintentionally exposed to water or moisture, wipe it carefully.

Can you disable features via the remote?
No, the remote control is designed as a simple user interface allowing the user to change volume, programs and streaming mode.

Does the remote control change the volume in both hearing aids at once?
You can use the arrow keys on the remote to select whether volume changes should be in left, right or both ears.

When using the remote to change the volume on the hearing aids, will the new volume settings stay if you change programs or will the volume return to the “default” setting?
The volume returns to the default if the program is changed.

Does the remote control the cell phone volume?
No, the remote can only be used to manipulate the hearing instruments.

Is the remote rechargeable?
No, AAAA batteries are required.

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