Alera FAQs – Unite TV Streamer Part 2

Can I hear others in the room while watching TV?
It is possible to hear others in the room while watching TV if the hearing instruments is programmed with a streaming + microphone program. Ask your Hearing Care Professional what programming you have.

Will the pairing get lost when unplugging the streamer?

If you are streaming from the TV and you take a phone call that lasts longer than 5 min, will the hearing aid go back to the TV streamer program once you hang up?
So long as you are still within the streaming range, the hearing aids will return to TV streaming when the call is ended.  The hearing aid will always return to the program that you were in before the call once the call is ended.

What is the balance between the microphone and streamer when the microphone is active in a streamer program?
The gain for the microphone is 6 dB lower than the gain for the streamed signal.

Can you adjust the microphone volume in the in the streamer plus microphone program?

What happens if the user does not unplug the streamer when it is not in use, per the instruction manual?
If the user’s hearing aids are not in the streaming program the streamed signal will not be heard.  The streamer will continue to stream if there is a source signal on (e.g. the TV is still on) but the signal will not be heard; the transmitted signal will not cause interference with other devices.

Are the hearing aid microphones “on” when streaming?
Only if “mic plus streamer” is selected in the streaming program in Aventa.  The ratio of the microphone input and streaming volume can be controlled by the volume control buttons on the streamer.

Can the streamer be used as in places like church or lecture halls?
Yes, if the streamer is hooked up to the speaker system and the wearer is in range. Other accessories are being developed for other difficult listening situation that do not involve speaker systems.

Can the hearing aid microphone be muted while streaming or talking on the phone?
No it cannot be muted without also muting the streamed signal.

If the hearing aids are synched with three streamers in the same house how will the hearing aids know which one to listen to?
If all three streamers are active and the wearer is in range of more than one streamer, the wearer can select which to listen to by holding down the button on the hearing instrument or by selecting the desired streamer on the remote control. The hearing care professional can specify names for the streamers which will appear on the remote control display to make this easier for the user. The default streamer names are “A”, “B” and “C”.

Can the same streamer be used for multiple devices or would the user need to have multiple streamers?
The streamer can be moved to different devices otherwise several streamers would be needed.

What happens if you move out of streaming range?
If you are out of range for less than 5 minutes, the hearing aids will remain in the streaming program, but the signal will not be heard.  If you are out of range for more than 5 minutes, the hearing aids will go back to the previous program.

In a streaming + mic setting, what is the level of the mic related to the streamer setting?
The mic level is 6 dB below whatever the gain is set to in your streamer program. It’s not related to P1.

What is the SCART adaptor?
The SCART adaptor is used on older televisions in Denmark and some other European countries for converting audio & video output to the audio RCA jacks which are compatible with our streamer.

Some of the newer televisions being sold now in the U.S. have digital
audio output only, and for those televisions a digital to analog audio
converter box is necessary to connect to the Unite TV.  This type of converter is not easily found in retail stores, but can be purchased online.  An example is one manufactured by Geffen, which can be found on for approx $60-$90.

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15 thoughts on “Alera FAQs – Unite TV Streamer Part 2”

  1. I have a UniteTV streamer ( not model 2 . ie buttons are on the bottom of the base, right of the cable input plugs rather than behind the unit as they are in model 2?) It has been streamed to my old resound hearing aids for four years & runs perfectly. I have recently upgraded to LiNX2 961 model aids & cannot pair them using the pamphlet provided with the original Unite TV unit . Have you any tips? My audiologist says my new hearing aids are set up ready for pairing .

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us, Bruce. Unfortunately, as the technology has evolved during development, ReSound LiNX² hearing aids are not compatible with the original TV Streamer. We suggest speaking with your hearing care professional regarding the TV Streamer 2. Along with the ability to connect with your new hearing aids, the TV Streamer 2 provides additional options for audio connectivity as well as improved Dolby Digital sound.

  2. I have a TV Streamer 2 Model SAS-3, DK-2750 Ballerup which works excellent and I wanted an extra one to set up in my bedroor to prevent me from having to move the existing one from the living room. I went to Ebay and purchased a NEW unit with the same model SAS-3 and DK-2750 Ballerup, when I hooked it up I could not get and sonud to my hearing aids, Whats wrong ?

    1. Hi Clyde, thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry you are experiencing issues. As the product was not purchases through an authorized distributor, we can’t guarantee the quality or integrity of the device you received. However, we’d be happy to do what we can to help you troubleshoot the issue. Please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  3. I can pair my TV streamer 2 to my LINX2 TS 61 HA and the connection is indicated on my iPhone but the connection drops within seconds and I never hear the TV sound in my HAs. I have verified the set up several times – any suggestions ?

  4. I think I figured it out – my LG TV will only let me configure the audio to one output. Since the audio is configured to go to the sound bar via an optical cable I can not configure the analog output to go to the TV streamer – well I could but then the sound bar would not get any audio and since the the TV speakers are not very good the rest of the family would not be happy. Anyway the limitation is with the TV itself. I have researched TOS audio splitters with mixed reviews – mostly that they don’t work or do not work well. I am tempted to try an audio splitter since I spent so much for the TV Streamer and the splitters are relatively cheap. Has ReSound tested this ? – is there a splitter you can recommend ?

    Anyway I do want to make it clear for anyone reading this that my issue has nothing to do with the ReSound TV Streamer, which works fine. This issue is with my TV/Soundbar setup.

    1. Hey Dennis, I would encourage you to reach out to our Consumer Technical Support team and discuss your issue and the possible solution you have, as they are able to be more detailed with you and provide a more technical response. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Thx Much – did call tech support and got great advice on using an optical splitter. Although it was not a ReSound problem you guys solved my TV/Soundbar problem – THX again

    1. Hi Dumas. Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to hear that. We recommend refreshing the pairing of your ReSound TV Streamer 2 to your hearing aids by completing the following steps:

      1. Make sure that the TV Streamer 2 power supply is plugged into a wall socket and the green light indicator on the front of the TV Streamer 2 is on.
      2. Place your hearing aids in their charger or open the battery doors, if they take replaceable batteries.
      3. Press the pairing button on the TV Streamer 2 once (to assign it to channel one). The yellow indicator light on the front on the TV Streamer 2 will now blink once every 2 seconds to indicate that the TV Streamer 2 is ready for pairing to channel 1. Your TV Streamer 2 will remain in pairing mode for 20 seconds.
      4. While pairing mode is activated, take your hearing aids out of their charger, or close the battery doors if they take replaceable batteries. You will now be paired and ready to use the TV Streamer 2.

      It could also have to do with the audio input rather than a pairing issue, if the amber light is inconsistent. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Consumer Tech Support Team at (888) 735-4327 and choose option #1. Thank you so much!

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