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Hearing Aids: Not Just Four Components Anymore

Remember when hearing aids had four components: microphone, amplifier, receiver and battery? Explaining hearing aids was much simpler. Today’s hearing instruments come with many more options and technology. Where does one begin the explanation? ReSound’s Jennifer Groth, M.A., and John Nelson, Ph.D., breakdown signal processing into four “chapters”: Model, Clean, Balance, and Stabilize at the 2013 …

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Device-to-Device Decisions for Hearing Instruments

Wireless communication between bilaterally fitted hearing instruments takes many different forms. The main goal at ReSound has been to provide the brain with binaural information that allows the auditory system to choose the signal of interest and fuse the signal into a single experience. This empowers the listener instead of the hearing instrument on signal …

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Benefits of In-Situ Audiometry

By Jenny Nesgaard Pedersen, AuD With our recent wave of product launches, we also added the In-Situ Audiometry feature to ReSound Alera hearing aids. This feature offers a means to conveniently and accurately measure patient hearing sensitivity with resulting thresholds comparable to thresholds otherwise obtained with conventional audiometry. The In-Situ audiometry feature enables clinicians and …

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