Benefits of In-Situ Audiometry

By Jenny Nesgaard Pedersen, AuD

With our recent wave of product launches, we also added the In-Situ Audiometry feature to ReSound Alera hearing aids. This feature offers a means to conveniently and accurately measure patient hearing
sensitivity with resulting thresholds comparable to thresholds otherwise obtained with conventional audiometry.

The In-Situ audiometry feature enables clinicians and dispensers to perform audiometry using the hearing aid as the transducer to present the stimuli. This has the potential to add convenience and efficiency to the hearing instrument fitting procedure, as the ability to
present stimuli using the hearing instrument requires less equipment, less space, and is less time consuming.

The ReSound Alera™ In-Situ feature can be accessed from the pre-fitting screen in Aventa 3. An effort has been made to mimic the functionality that is expected from a conventional audiometer user interface.

It is possible to present pure tone and warble tone stimuli. Stimuli presentation duration can be varied manually or can be chosen in the user preferences.

A talk over function is available with a linier gain slider that allows increases in speaker volume prior to the establishment of the patients hearing sensitivity thresholds.

It is also possible to combine thresholds obtained using onventional audiometry and In-Situ audiometry. In-Situ audiometry is available in behind-the-ear models at all technology levels of the ReSound Alera product family.


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