How to Support Someone with Hearing Loss

Hint: Be the Mother of Invention—Like Edison’s Mom

Thomas Edison had hearing loss from a very young age. Edison viewed his hearing loss as an asset: it allowed him to be alone with his thoughts. For Edison this was a good thing because his thoughts were very productive: 1,093 patents over the course of his life in the U.S. alone.

However, that may not have happened had Edison not had the support of his mom. She helped him become the reader and thinker he was. She saw that while hyperactive and prone to distraction, he also had voracious appetite for knowledge. She pulled him out of school, and, accomplished teacher that she was, helped him develop his own method of learning.

We support those we love in all sorts of ways. Sometimes that support means helping others find a new perspective. Sometimes we help them find ways through life changes. At ReSound, we’ve seen our hearing technologies create a number of new opportunities in the lives of those living with hearing loss.

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2 thoughts on “How to Support Someone with Hearing Loss”

  1. How is this for supporting someone with hearing loss? “For two months I have tried to work with ReSound to fix an issue with its hearing aids’ interface/compatibility with Apple, which results in physical harm to people wearing ReSound’s Enzo 2 hearing aids. I have been stonewalled, blamed, and treated like I am stupid and should just accept whatever “kindness” they offer me. This attitude has been reinforced by a higher-up in the company, which explains ReSound’s disturbing and unacceptable attitudes and treatment of the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities, which they are supposed to serve. The issue is still an issue that no one has claimed responsibility for, even though reps have seen it in person. Refusing that it is an issue means they will never fix it. This means they are intentionally preying on people who have hearing loss that want to reclaim some of that loss with the use of their hearing aids. I apologize for the length, but below I have outlined the hearing aid issue, what has been tried, the poor treatment I have received (including the name of the higher-up in the company who believes he is “too good” to talk to people with hearing loss) and what needs to happen to resolve this issue. Because despite everything, I am still hoping ReSound wakes up and corrects the issue with the hearing aids, as well as addresses how they treat their customer base. Please take the time to read and share!”

    1. We are so sorry about the experience you’ve had. So that we can make sure we resolve your issues and correct the situation, the heads of our product management and technical support departments would like to connect with you today. Would you be able to send us your contact information via private message so we can pass that information along?

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