Patient Stories – The Mini Mic

At ReSound, we love to hear stories of how our products are affecting the lives of the people that use them.  Here are a couple of stories shared by Mini Microphone end-users.

Ben G.
Patient of Karen Mills, Au.D.
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics

“This little guy is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. It works great. I plugged into our iPod yesterday and just left the Mini Mic and the iPod in the golf cart while I worked nearby in the yard. Occasionally, if I turned my head just right I would lose signal within 12ft-15ft. But as a test, I walked away from the cart and made it at least 30ft before the signal was affected but not totally lost. So I suppose it has a little directionality to it.

Most importantly, it works extremely well in the car as an aid to hearing Jean over the road  noise and I am still aware of any surrounding noise, horns, the turn signal, etc. Interestingly, the click, click of the turn signal comes through very well. We haven’t really used it in the house to communicate but I’m sure it will do well. I’ll let you know.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the device an overall 10.

Thanks for spending so much time helping me get updated and for letting me be your first guinea pig.” 

Jennifer LaBorde
Medical Center Clinic

“As I have previously said, this is THE BEST technology improvement in many years (in a close race with the nanocoating, however).  The mini-mic has completely changed my life (and I can confidently say that in only using it for two weeks).  I have met with several people in restaurant and bar environments and been able to confidently hold a conversation and ACTUALLY understand most everything that they said.  I have used the mini microphone on our hibachi chef and heard lots of funny jokes that I have missed out on and can now drive more safely b/c I let my children put the mic on their seat belt and I can HEAR them without looking in the rear view mirror. This technology has allowed me to RELAX and listen and feel connected in groups and noisy situations. It has also allowed me to listen while I work.  In the past, I have had to stop what I was doing to talk to my husband or the girls in the office so that I could read their lips. Now if they use the mini-mic, I can hear and understand without looking up from the task at hand.”

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