Reactions to ReSound Verso

ReSound Verso just launched this week and we have been busy collecting first responses to the new product.  Below is a collection of what Verso users had to say:

“Can’t say enough about the cell phone sound quality with the Verso!!!!! And quality of soft speech…wow! William (5 year old son) loves to whisper in my ear and I could hear more of what he said than ever before.  It is wonderful for me!!!  Today I heard the hole puncher squeak from my office in the lab. The girls at the office were freaking out!  Thank you so much!  Resound has definitely blessed me.” Jennifer LaBorde, Family Hearing Centers

“Noise reduction system is much better! Sound quality of noises, such as water trickling from a fountain or my footsteps, sound much more natural. I love the improved ease of use with synced VC & prog changes. Also, I have always had a hard time hearing my husband on my iPhone, so I would take my hearing aids out to hear better. The is completely resolved w/ the Verso (and I use it in the binaural directional program…not auto or acoustic phone)”. Patient

“I know my hearing is bad but I appreciate new technology to make it better. This is the best yet, especially in a restaurant”.  Patient

Read more about ReSound Verso and how it allows meaningful device-to-device communication.

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3 thoughts on “Reactions to ReSound Verso”

  1. My Resound Verso arrived today. Today I heard my kitten’s meow, leaves crunching under my feet, the fizzing from a bottle of gingerale, the heater in the car. Music is rich and beautiful again. I can put the phone to my ear again. I can hear without lip reading. Verso is like having my hearing restored. Thank you, Resound.

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback, Mary Catherine. We love to hear how ReSound products are impacting lives and are so happy to hear that Verso is working well for you.

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