Device-to-Device Decisions for Hearing Instruments

JohnANelsonJ-GrothTStenderLaurel Christensen, GN ReSoundWireless communication between bilaterally fitted hearing instruments takes many different forms. The main goal at ReSound has been to provide the brain with binaural information that allows the auditory system to choose the signal of interest and fuse the signal into a single experience. This empowers the listener instead of the hearing instrument on signal of interest. The Resound Verso is unique in its ability to provide this listener-based solution.

ReSound’s John Nelson, Ph.D., Jennifer Groth, M.A., Tamara Stender, Au.D., & Laurel Christensen, Ph.D. discussed at the 2013 AudiologyNOW! conference common issues found with traditional device-to-device communication and how ReSound overcomes these limitations.

What are the common issues between most auto directionality systems?

  • Patients lose choice.
  • Patients do not hear the entire picture.
  • Patients get one-way listening environments – all sound from the front or only sound from the side or as another example only sound from the back.

How does ReSound overcome these limitations?

The ReSound Verso uses synchronized volume and push button which allows the listener to make a change to the volume control or push button on one instrument and the other instrument is automatically updated to match. Latency for volume and push button changes will nearly always take <1 second to synchronize. This results in a convenient and seamless hearing instrument wearing experience.Synchronization

Patients gain a more simplified process for changing listening programs as well as eliminating the need to work and find a balance between ears when adjusting volume. For patients with dexterity issues, it makes adjusting the hearing instruments easier.

ReSound also uses Binaural SoftSwitching. Traditional SoftSwitching has an omnidirectional microphone response that changes to directional when a low signal-to-noise ratio is detected. By adding Binaural analysis to the sound environment, ReSound can better ensure the correct response is achieved. Wireless exchange of information about the environment occurs through detectors on both hearing instruments thus resulting in optimal symmetry, congruence and sound quality.

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