How Maureen O’Shea Came To Think Differently About Hearing Aids

MaureenOShea-3-20151109Maureen O’ Shea is an avid golfer living in Calgary, Canada.  Last year, when she was 80 years old, Maureen golfed her age—that elusive, inspiring goal for so many golfers. Maureen has over 7,500 readers for her blog, aptly named “78 MPH—Where 78 is the new 65,” where she writes about golf, sporting events, bridge, and much, much more. To say that Maureen keeps active is an understatement.

MaureenOShea-2-20151110But when Maureen’s daughter took her aside at a party and said, “I can tell you are missing out,” Maureen had to agree.

“I was not hearing well in group situations,” said Maureen.

She went in for a hearing test, but it showed her hearing was normal. Not satisfied with that answer, Maureen went in for a second hearing test that revealed a major blockage in her right ear, resulting in a medium hearing loss. Her hearing care professional suggested a hearing aid, which Maureen wasn’t eager about at first.

“People buy hearing aids and then stop wearing them because they didn’t work the way they expected,” said Maureen. Her perception was that hearing aids were difficult to wear and rarely provided good results. But close friends helped Maureen come to see that hearing aids have changed quite a bit over the years. It was after her discussion with those friends that Maureen started to come around to the idea of getting her own hearing aid.

Maureen was fit with ReSound LiNX and immediately took to using her iPad to control her hearing aid settings. Maureen also uses other technology, like the ReSound Unite Mini Mic to help her hear the television better—which is critically important as she is a fan of the CFL (Canadian Football League).

MaureenOShea-20151110Now, Maureen isn’t shy about telling others about her ReSound LiNX.

“It’s like wearing glasses,” she often says.

She doesn’t mind calling attention to her hearing aid by changing the battery in front of people. And she also does not mind suggesting others get hearing help—because it helps people stay active.

Read more about Maureen’s journey toward better hearing here .

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