ReSound helps Oklahoma mother repay the doctor who saved her son’s life

Like any mom, Courtney Allen would do anything for her 14-month-old son, Caysen. Thankfully, her son’s doctor was willing to do the same.

When Caysen was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome; only the right half of his heart properly pumped blood. While in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at The Children’s Hospital at St. Francis in Tulsa, OK, Caysen’s vitals crashed. Dr. Andrea (Andi) Nagelschneider, the Pediatric Resident on duty that night, saved his life.

Caysen's doctor Andi

Dr. Andi Nagelschneider

Over the course of Caysen’s stay, Dr. Andi and Courtney became close. Eventually, Dr. Andi confessed that she felt self-conscious about her big, bulky hearing aids and that she always wore her hair down to cover them. She explained her frustration that sometimes her hearing aids made it hard for her to properly communicate with her patients – especially over the phone. She had heard of ReSound LiNX™ but she couldn’t afford them.

Caysen & Andi

Caysen & Dr. Andi

“Dr. Andi had saved my son’s life. I had to help her get these hearing aids. There was no way around it,” said Courtney. So, Courtney submitted a request to the ReSound Gives Sound philanthropy program on Dr. Andi’s behalf.

“Dreams really do come true,” exclaimed Dr. Andi. “And I can finally wear my hair up too,” she added.

Andi's old hearing aids and her new ReSound LiNX

Dr. Andi’s old hearing aids and her new ReSound LiNX

ReSound is pleased to have played a small part in this story of generosity.

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2 Responses to ReSound helps Oklahoma mother repay the doctor who saved her son’s life

  1. Thomas Armour says:

    How do you know if your hearing aids are “right” for you?
    Simple,if you have put them in first thing in morning and forgotten all about them until
    bedtime forgetting to remove them even at times like just before the shower starts.
    The most important factor is having a caring Audiologist,thank goodness at 85 I have found one and can’t believe my good fortune that at long,long last having been fitted with a pair of latest most powerful Re Sound H/AIDS I have rejoined the human race. BTW it is not easy to master the new technologies of these miracle aids for instance the tie up with iPhone but well worth the time and patience required. Best described as Fand F (fit and forget). What is the most remarkable aspect of them?I think the pairing with my mobile iPhone,instead of being almost afraid to answer it I hear right inside my head with a clarity which I have not experienced for many years. Same goes for the T V. Nothing short of pure Magic!

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