Mai Vang: Helping the Helper

MaiVang2-2-08182015Mai Vang is a born helper. She grew up watching her mom reach out to neighbors and friends and she also looked for ways to help others, even as a child. After suddenly losing her hearing in August 2013 (100% in left ear, 40% in right), she had to step away from her life insurance career because she could no longer help her clients as well.

In the meantime Ms. Vang, wife of Chai Xiong and mother of four boys, made and sold thousands of egg rolls to help pay for the medical costs associated with her hearing loss. So many egg rolls, in fact, that she was unofficially dubbed the “Egg Roll Queen” in her East Saint Paul, Minnesota neighborhood. Her egg roll operation sold so well it took over her kitchen, which eventually made it difficult for her family, and she had to stop. It was during this time that Ms. Vang was also helping with fundraisers for neighborhood people in need.

Ironically, it was while helping with neighborhood fundraisers that Ms. Vang made connections that led to ReSound. ReSound donated a hearing aid to Ms. Vang through the ReSound philanthropy program. She was fitted with a hearing aid on her left side through Dr. Jerry Zhou at Hearing of America.

“It gives me so much joy to have ReSound reach out to me,” said Ms. Vang. “ReSound has given me hope that I can hear again.”

To learn more about Mai Vang, visit her GoFundMe page.

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