ReSound LiNX: “The Magic Is That It Feels Normal”

On May 13, 2014, Dorothy received her new ReSound LiNX hearing aids. The very next day, we received the following letter from her.

DorothyHi amazing ReSound people,

My world has opened up and I am grateful.

Being a breast cancer survivor two times, I’ve had quite a bit of exposure to chemicals from chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately for my hearing (although fortunately for my life), the chemotherapy and radiation could be a contributing factor to my hearing loss.

I feel like a new person. My audiologist patiently worked with me for hours, testing my new ReSound LiNX and setting up my iPhone.

The magic is that they feel normal! I was extremely resistant at first because of my past health history, the cost and the thought of adding one more thing to manage my well-being.

But the truth is I don’t have to manage these wonderful ReSound hearing aids. They make my life easier!

For example, my sister called me from Pennsylvania and her voice was in my ears and my phone in my lap. I was so amazed that I had tears in my eyes.

That same day my honey of a man took me out to dinner in a restaurant. I put my phone on the “Restaurant” program and I heard everything he said without asking him to repeat one SINGLE word. When we got home, we watched TV for about an hour and I heard it all. Yay for me!

I must say I am so very thankful.

Thank you kindly for opening up my hearing and improving my life so very much.

Dorothy G.


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