The Wonders of Modern Technology

Hearing healthcare professionals often comment to us about how inspiring it is to see how much a person’s life can change with digital technology and programming.

“I had a patient who had a lot of difficulty understanding speech at church and socially. Since she already had Resound BTE’s, I decided to propose that she add a Remote Mic to help her hear better in those situations. When we fitted her with the mic, it was astounding! She heard me clearly from over 20 feet away. I noticed that there was a 3.5mm jack on the mic so I connected a cellular phone to see if it would work. Her daughter told me that she has never been able to hear on the cell phone so she didn’t feel that it would work. I connected the unit to the phone and she called her grand daughter…. we were all astounded when she held a whole conversation with the mic plugged into the phone. When the mic was disconnected, she couldn’t understand speech from the phone at all. We were all impressed with the device, and everyone was in tears.”
Ellen Nathan, Hearing Aid Station, Glendale, CA

“A patient came in recently to get a hearing aid for his better hearing ear. He had experienced a profound hearing loss in one ear for many years and more recently experienced a mild to moderate hearing loss in his better ear which significantly affected his day to day interactions. He had also recently started a new job and was struggling to hear well in meetings and with co-workers. After receiving his Resound hearing aid on his better hearing ear, he was so happy to hear better, especially at work. He enjoyed what he referred to as his “effortless hearing” with his hearing aid.”
Andrea Dunk, Froedtert Health Medical Group, Colgate, WI

“Having had problems hearing people in noisy social situations for over three years, a friend finally persuaded me to try hearing aids. After going through a couple of models that didn’t do the trick, my audiologist ordered a different brand. She programmed it and I liked the sound. A couple of days later I was driving my daughter through the Sonic drive-through to order some drinks. After our order was taken, I turned to my daughter and said, “Hearing aids! It’s like hearing…only better!” We both laughed at that one and had a lovely afternoon together.”
Martha Jones, Andover, MN

Do you have an inspiring story of how hearing technology has improved your life or the life of a family member, friend or patient?Submit your “Moment”.

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