The Benefits of Working with a Professional

Submit Your MomentWe’ve heard over and over that nothing beats working with a real hearing care professional.  The impact that an audiologist has on the patient’s quality of life is as fulfilling for the audiologist as it is for the patient.

“It was satisfying to learn – two years ago – that my insurance company would cover some expenses for hearing care, even paying for hearing aids purchased through a certain company. Wow! How good was that! It seemed odd, though, going through a part of the process by mail-order. I was disheartened over and over again. It soon became apparent that I was not dealing with professionals. I finally stopped wearing the devices, that is, until too many people were remarking on my inability to hear very well. My primary then recommended an audiologist she highly regarded and a new day dawned! My best moment came when I realized I would be well cared for over the long term, as well as listened to and respected. It is good to be heard and it is good to hear!”
-Stephanie, St Louis, MO

“I have heard my wife come home many times and tell stories of how she stills gets excited, after 20 years of fitting hearing aids. How she loves what she does and how she is able to change the lives of her patients. I am jealous that she gets to go to work and do something she LOVES doing. Not too many people can say that!”
-Darrin Dawes, Physician’s Hearing Aid Service, Richmond, IN

“I was thrilled that I could help an 86 yr old woman with no hearing in one ear and a flat, moderate, SNHL in the left ear. She couldn’t communicate due to macular degeneration in both eyes and living with a husband that spoke very softly, due to his poor health. After fitting, she broke into smiles. She and her husband were thrilled that their lives could improve so quickly and easily.”
-David Gurian, Gurian Hearing & Vision, West Caldwell, NJ

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