Every Day Is A Moment

“Every day is a moment” says Rachel Osborn of Optimal Hearing in Bluffton, SC. “Helping people hear better is one of the best things. Usually most of our new patients come in unhappy with life because they can’t hear. When they walk out with a smile it makes your heart warm because you were able to make that much of a difference in their lives.”

Barbara Roe Beck of Hill Country Ear, Nose and Throat, P.A. in New Braunfels, TX, recently got a letter from a patient’s wife, which read (in part): Thank you for working so diligently to get L’s hearing aids just right. He is comfortable with them now, and it has helped our relationship, even after 56 great years!

Elaine from Hearing Aids in Framingham, MA, told us about an elderly woman who had recently lost her husband for whom she was the primary caretaker for years. “She found herself alone – many of their old friends had moved or passed away. She was very isolated and lonely. Her family finally convinced her that living in senior housing would be best. She moved in and slowly got involved in some activities but found she couldn’t carry on a conversation with a group of people and decided to no longer attend. She came to us and decided she would try hearing aids for the 30 day trial period but was convinced it probably wouldn’t work for her. To make a long story short, after only 2 weeks she was well adjusted to her new aids and involved again with bingo and wine in the parlor with her new friends. Hearing aids made a world of difference to her and her family.”

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