Moments Spotlight: “I’m Tired of Silence”

“My moments happen just about everyday when people light up to sound,” says Angela Martin at Hearing Associates in Havre de Grace, MD.

Since launching the Moments Movement, we’ve received more and more comments like Angela’s.  Moments are happening all the time.  This is the magic of the hearing healthcare profession – you are able to make a difference in the lives of your patients on a daily basis.

“We recently had a patient come in and fill out our information sheet,” said Robert Moore at Delta Hearing Services in Greenville, MS.  “Our sheet has an entry line labeled ‘Reason for the appointment’.  The patient’s entry was: I am tired of Silence. How horrible to experience silence for all of your life. Now he has a life of laughter, joy and hearing. Our job is a joy we bring to others.”

“One of my many moments occurred recently with a patient who was struggling to hear his family and church family,” said Kimberly Stremmel at AC Hearing, Tinnitus & Balance Associates in York, PA.  “He reported missing out on many discussions in the presence of background noise, and was becoming angry at himself for feeling like he should skip activities. After being fitted, he found that he could hear much better in noisy situations, especially in a church setting. Quiet conversations were also better. This particular patient appeared much happier and friendlier at all follow up appointments, and at church each Sunday morning, as I run into him often! His family members have all noted a benefit, as well as staff in our office having noted that he seems like a new person!”

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