ReSound Takes Center Stage at AudiologyNOW!

This year’s AudiologyNOW in Anaheim, CA, clearly demonstrated ReSound’s position in the industry as a technological leader.  Our booth was constantly busy due to strong interest in ReSound Verso and the two new accessories, Unite Remote Control 2 and Unite TV 2. There was also a lot of interest in the ReSound Control App for iPhone and Android.  From feedback received at the convention, it is clear that audiologists consider wireless connectivity a key functionality in hearing aids today and in the future.


Additionally, the AAA Program Committee scheduled 25 presentations (of which 7 were learning modules) by ReSound – the highest number ever presented by ReSound and more than any other manufacturer.

The learning module presentations given by ReSound were focused on teaching concepts and demonstrated ReSound as a technology leader specifically addressing wireless processing and connectivity, as well as tinnitus.  Research Podiums presented by ReSound were built on the unique phone solutions available, such as the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ and the distinct sound quality – addressing the issues hearing-impaired individuals and hearing aid users often have in terms of audibility on the phone.

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