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We had such a great time gathering “Moments” at AudiologyNOW! in Anaheim.  Our Moments booth was buzzing and we gave out party badges to everyone that came in and submitted a moment or took a fun photo. We ended up giving out 1,500 party badges!

Check out some of the fun photos that were taken at our booth.

Submit Your MomentKeep submitting your “Moments” on our site. Here are a few of the latest patient moment’s we’ve received.

A patient struggling for many years hearing people, especially in the independent living facility dining room and lecture hall, finally decided to pursue appropriate technology. I can now successfully say he is hearing wonderfully with his Versos and can actively participate in activities to keep him 92 years young!
-Marie Vetter

A patient told me that she heard sleet hitting the side of her house during a recent winter storm. She had no idea that sleet made a sound until that moment.
-Nicole Hodge

My patient had worn a variety of hearing aids for over 30 years and still always struggled to hear. When he was fit with the Alera product the instant grin on his face was priceless! When he came back for his follow up appointment he told me “don’t you dare change anything on these hearing aids. I can hear the birds for the first time in forever. This is perfect!” He is happier at age 88 than he ever has been all because he has the gift of hearing back.
-Lauren Felton


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