How Did I Ever Manage Without My Hearing Aids?

We all know the height of the barriers to adoption and how long it takes to come around to the idea of wearing hearing aids.  However, once you give in, there’s no going back.  We consistently hear end-users comment that they don’t know how they ever managed without their hearing aids.  Here are some stories from patients that have submitted their stories to us on our Moments site.

VersollC“I’m a first time hearing aid user. I’m also an Engineer with an intellectual understanding of hearing aids in general, all which I gained from several months of study. Through my study, I knew the Verso’s were the aids for me and in the second week of January, I put my first set of hearing aids on. My sweet Audiologist has compassionately endured my endless visits, questions, and fine tuning requests. I was determined to get these things just perfect before my trial period ended. I have faithfully worn my aids every day since.
Recently, I questioned my decision – did I really need these things? Well, today I left home for work without my hearing aids. I had been distracted and left them sitting snugly in their case. My instinct was to turn around and to return home for them, but I decided to continue to work figuring one day without them wouldn’t be a big deal. I have never been so wrong! Gone was the clarity of my first greeting of the morning. My first meeting of the day was a muffled disaster; I might as well have slid my chair into a far off corner and worked a crossword puzzle. I could not participate in the conversation, I could not follow what was being discussed. A little while later, I had a one-on-one conversation in my quiet office with a co-worker and was embarrassed at how close I had to sit to understand. I’m sure I made my co-worker uncomfortable being that close. After our meeting, I literally sat close to tears and wondered how I had functioned just a few short months ago before receiving my Verso’s. At lunchtime, I drove home to get my hearing aids. Next time I leave them home, without question, I’m returning to get them. It only took a couple of hours to demonstrate the value of these tiny gems have given me.”
– Brent Baxter

“My Verso hearing aids have made a 100% difference in my life. I can hear in small groups, I can hear the preacher and the church service. When I go shopping, I don’t have to ask the salesperson to repeat the price. I am anxious to be with my grandkids and see their response. I didn’t want to get them – pride, but my kids said I needed them. After I saw my audiologist’s tiny hearing aids, I decided to try, and I’m glad I did.”
– Melda Redden

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