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Submit Your MomentThere are so many sounds that we hear automatically that we take for granted.  These moments below show us just how lucky we are to be able to hear our family members say “I love you.”

“A few weeks ago a mother, father, 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son came into my office for the fitting of the 6 year old in a pair of AL977’s. She had never worn amplification before. When we connected to the hearing aids and she was able to hear me, her little brother said to her “I love you sister.” She responded “I love you too.” The mother started to cry and said she has never been able to hear her little brother before. What an amazing moment.”
Brian Coughlin

“It was an older gentleman from the Phillipines. He had not heard for many, many years. His Daughter told me he never spoke to anyone and no one ever talked to him, he had withdrawn into silence. When I turned the hearing aids on, his face lit up with a smile ear to ear. He said to me, I dont want to leave this room, I want to stay and talk to you all day. He was teary eyed, so was everyone else! it was a beautiful moment.”
Bonny Kuhfal

“My favorite moment was a young man who brought his newborn baby into the office. Prior to hearing aids, he never heard his child’s cry or noises. As soon as we programmed the instruments, his wife brought the baby in the office and my patient’s eyes widened then started to tear up with hearing his new baby boy’s sounds. It was truly amazing. This man, who had a severe hearing loss, immigrated from Russia and was never fit previously. This was his first experience with hearing aids and it certainly was a memorable one.” Lynda Wayne


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