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It’s hard to believe that AudiologyNOW! has come around again so quickly!  As you head out to Anaheim this week, don’t forget to wear your Moment Maker t-shirt on the show floor.  We’re giving out raffle tickets to people we spot wearing their t-shirt and you could win $500 at our MOMENTOUS! party at the House of Blues on Friday night.

Submit Your MomentDon’t have a t-shirt?  No problem.  Come to our booth #379, submit your “Moment” and we’ll give you a raffle ticket.  We want to hear your patient success stories or inspiring experiences you’ve had yourself. We’ve already collected a lot of great “Moments“.  Here are just a few of them.

“My patient and his wife came to have his hearing tested and demo the new Verso Tinnitus hearing aids. During the demo they shared how he has not been able to go out to dinner and have conversation with the family, how the TV has to be so loud she can’t be in the room and how it’s getting harder for her as she has throat issues. He experienced listening and understand the TV from the front office, and understood it. I set up the dinner noise soundtrack and turned it up while they used the Unite Mini Mic and apparently shared a touching few words because they both started crying. They were so excited to finally have a solution and to have help with his tinnitus too was incredible! Some days you are reminded of how much you love what you do!”
– Denyce Evenson

“I recently had a patient for an initial fitting. She’s an interpreter/teacher and was having significant problems with conversations and of course background noise (and was very upset about this). After two weeks of wearing hearing aids she came in ecstatic that she could now hear most of the sounds/people that she had been missing previously. She could not stop smiling which in turn made all of us smile! Moments like those are what we all strive for. :)”
– Janae G.

“My patient who has been wearing hearing aids most of her life was fit with new Verso 9’s and was brought to tears and over whelming emotions. She was amazed by the sound quality and felling like she could hear effortlessly. Overall it was a touching moment to share with her.”
-Collette Forshan

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