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Keep your moments coming!  We’ve collected some incredible stories.  Submit your moment and you will receive a Moment Maker t-shirt in the mail.  Wear your t-shirt on the AudiologyNOW! show floor and, if we spot you, we’ll give you a raffle ticket for the $500 Visa gift card prize drawing at our MOMENTOUS! By ReSound party at the House of Blues.

Here are some of our favorite moments submitted so far.

“To test her new hearing aids, my incredible, 90-year-old patient had her son step outside and call her phone. As soon as he began to talk, she started to cry. She could hear everything he was saying perfectly. She wanted to leave right away so she could call her other three sons. She’s an inspiration for how I hope to be at 90. Her body may be limited to a wheel chair, but her mind and attitude soar. I’m grateful to be part of that moment.”
-Adriane Levy, Consumer Outreach Audiology

“I saw a patient whose house burned down recently. His family lost everything but the clothes on their back and car in the driveway. We replaced the hearing aids at no cost to them. The family was in such good spirits, just grateful to be alive and healthy. We were so glad we could help them, even in a little way.”
-Meghan Cash

“Our audiologist fit aids for my husband and me yesterday. It was a new world for us. It was so great to hear my husband’s laughter again. The TV volume is now at a normal range. He has been given a new life—and so have I!”
-Bill and Sue Forsythe

“I have a patient who likes to hunt, and his hearing aids have given him quite the competitive advantage. He likes to brag that he went from being the worst at hearing animals to being the best of his friends, by far.”
-Steven Petrakis, Accent ENT


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  1. Since I got these hearing aids I can turn the TV to a normal volume. The whole neighborhood could hear it before. And my wife doesn’t have to yell when talking to me anymore!

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