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Here are some of the most recent Moments submitted to us:

“I received a Facebook tagged message from a mother of a patient whom has worn hearing aids since she was a toddler. The patient was fit this fall with a pair of Alera 9 Power BTE hearing aids, which is her third set of aids. The other day her mother could not find her when she woke at 7:30 am. She eventually found the patient curled up in a blanket sitting on the back porch smiling. When her mother asked her what she was doing, the patient stated for her mother to listen. When she listened she heard birds chirping and carrying on. The patient stated that she has never heard the birds before and with her new aids she could. Needless to say, this is the reason why i am an audiologist helping people hear better one ear at a time :)”
– Carrie, Advanced Audiology

“Our patient was so amazed and happy to be able to hear the microwave ding after receiving the hearing aids. She had not heard that sound in years. One does not realize how precious the simple sounds are until you lose them.”
– Jenika, WSM Hearing Centers of Orange County, Inc.

“I love the new Phone Clip Plus!!!!! It is so much easier to use than the original Phone Clip. I recently dispensed my first one to an 83 year old lady. She only has a cell phone. Her friends call and want to talk for a LONG time and she wants to knit or DO SOMETHING while they are talking forever. She was planning on getting a Unite Remote with her Versos, but when she mentioned the long phone conversations ….I recommended she get a Phone Clip Plus. She is so excited to be able to knit while listening to her friends!”
– Dawn Booth, Physician Hearing Services


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