Music Lovers with Hearing Loss

When it comes to treating hearing loss, music lovers often struggle to find a hearing aid that allows them to enjoy music like they used to.  With ReSound Verso, however, users are consistently commenting on the instrument’s clear and natural sound quality.

1211_VersoCover_03Hearing healthcare professional, Elizabeth Alsgaard said, “Yesterday, a Verso user told me that the sound quality was PERFECT. Nuff said.”

Mary Catherine says, “My Resound Verso arrived today. Today I heard my kitten’s meow, leaves crunching under my feet, the fizzing from a bottle of gingerale, the heater in the car. Music is rich and beautiful again. I can put the phone to my ear again. I can hear without lip reading. Verso is like having my hearing restored. Thank you, Resound.”

Hearing healthcare professional and ReSound customer, Ron Johnson, told us: “Last Friday evening, Janice and I were invited to a Garden Party in Houston.  The host had a HUGE terraced back yard with live entertainment from Wind Sync.  They are 5 Rice University grads who play Flute, Bassoon, Oboe, Clarinet, and French Horn with the classics as their repertoire.  Let me say, the Verso technology SHINED!  I actually heard the flautist and his breathing!  I I could discern the difference between the Bassoon and the Oboe and they did their runs.  The Clarinetist went all up and down the scales and my hearing could follow him while the French Horn’s rich could permeated the garden.  Gotta’ tell you, it was like hearing again for the first time and I was elated!  I told the host what I was hearing and how pleased I was with the new Verso technology from ReSound and noticed he was wearing hearing aids too.  I was evangelizing to all that would listen. I was listening to music again!  Wow!  I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you as most people take these situations for granted.”

“I have enjoyed fitting the Resound Verso at our practice because our patients love it,” said Valerie Dempsey at Community Hearing Health Centers. “We are getting consistent feedback that the Verso has a clear natural sound quality.  We have been able to program them as automatic hearing aids needing very little follow up or patient adjustments.  The ear to ear technology makes it more user friendly too.  I love the valuable features that have been incorporated into the Verso 7; I think you get a lot of hearing aid for that price point.  I didn’t think Resound could top the Alera product line, but they have!”

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  1. Robt Perkins says:

    As a retired multi platinum recording engineer, composer, and professional musician, I was astounded to find that the Verso 962 is the finest hearing instrument ever made. Not only does it allow clarity in music, but I heard people in opposite aisles in the grocery store more clearly than I could as a college student! Thank God for Bloomington!

  2. Over the last five years, I started to notice small changes with my hearing. My coworkers began commenting on the loud volume of my desk phone. In crowded restaurants and airports, I would assume the cashier or waitress was mumbling, or that the overhead speaker needed fixing. I looked for any reason, other than admitting I was struggling to hear what was going on.

  3. dr vijay chourdia says:

    nice one..

  4. Sharon McElroy says:

    I currently wear a tandem type of hearing aid. As a result of an acoustic neuroma, I have absolutely no hearing at all in my right ear. I have a moderate hearing loss in my left ear due to Meniere’s. I have not been able to hear music for years and have to remove my hearing aids when I am playing the violin or guitar due to a whistling type of feedback. I have been reading about the ReSound LiNX as well as the Verso. Regarding music, is the Verso better than the LiNX?

    • gnresound says:

      Hi Sharon, both ReSound Verso and ReSound LiNX feature our Surround Sound by ReSound technology which includes feedback suppression and Music Mode that would help you when playing violin or guitar. However, ReSound LiNX includes our newest version of the technology so would give you better overall sound. We’d be happy to have one of our representatives tell you and your hearing care professional more about ReSound LiNX. Where do you go for your hearing aids?

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