Verso Makes Conversations Meaningful

Michael Walker is an audiologist in Utah and a ReSound customer.  He recently sent us a great story about a patient and her husband, who have both had positive experiences wearing Verso.

ReSound VersoVersoVO62RIEIconBlack White background“I had my first Verso patient return this morning after trying a set of Verso 777’s.  She had previously used Canta 770’s.  I realize there have been many leaps in technology since the time of the 770 model, but I had to tell you that I have never seen this very educated patient this happy.  She came in smiling and I could tell there would be no returning hearing aids today.  She didn’t need or want any adjustments.”

“So then I proceeded to start a hearing aid trial for her husband who has extremely poor speech recognition.  His previous experience was with BZ5 hearing aids that were still working.  You know that patients in Utah are very conservative and don’t like to buy new until something is unrepairable.  Your aids keep on working, which is really terrific, so today we finally convinced him to try the new technology out.  I was suddenly communicating quite well, for the first time, with the Verso aids in place.  The glazed look on his face disappeared and he became quite appropriate and meaningful in his conversation with me.  Even I was amazed and you know that I am the biggest skeptic you have.  This guy really needs cochlear implants since his speech recognition is 36% and 40% and he shouldn’t be understanding as well as he is with the Verso’s.  I think he will never do the cochlear implant because of his age and health, so this is the best solution he has had in years.  I think you guys may have pulled off something pretty great with this hearing aid.  Just thought you would like to know from my point of view.”

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