dot2 Durability Put to the Test

By Peter Sweet, ReSound dot2 Hearing Aid User

In February of this year, I was involved in a car accident when the driver fell asleep at 3pm on a rural road here in Oregon.  We hit a rock wall which flipped the Audi station wagon on its roof and we skidded down the road for 50 yards in the oncoming lane.  Three hours afterwards, a Dept. of Transportation worker was sweeping glass off the road and noticed a hearing aid among the glass and debris and asked if anyone was missing one.  I reached up to my right ear and discovered it missing.  I put it back in and everything worked.


In June, I was mixing thin set for some tile I was laying.  At the end of the day after tiling and doing yard work, I noticed I was again missing my right hearing aid.  I looked everywhere including emptying three garbage cans of branches and couldn’t find the hearing aid anywhere. Having exhausted all possibilities, I spotted the plastic bag of leftover thin set. I poked the bag, felt something hard and voilà, the hearing aid was rescued from the mortar. After calling my audiologist, she recommended I clean it off with a soft cloth and try to carefully dig out any mortar from inside before it dried.  Once again, a new battery and back working.

Oh… the aids have also made a couple of trips to the shower when I have forgotten they were in.  Thanks for making a great product!


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