Kasewurm’s Key to Practice Success

Dr. Gyl KasewurmDr. Gyl Kasewurm is the founder, president and owner of Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, MI.  She recently contributed an article to the Hearing Journal on “A Practice’s Key to Success”.  Here are some key takeaways from that article.

What is the key to operating a successful practice?

1) Being a “top notch” professional
2) Have a key employee who is vital to the practice’s success

When you have an employee that you can rely on, it takes the pressure off you and frees up your time to focus on what you do best – providing excellent patient care and generating revenue.  You need someone that you can delegate to, who is able to develop good patient relationships, generate leads from current patients and ensure that the office operates efficiently.

Some areas for your employee to focus on:

Open time slots on the schedule equal potential revenue loss.  Appointments should be confirmed 24 – 48 hours in advance and you should try to fill last minute cancellations.

Telephone Calls
A patient’s call is often his or her first impression of the practice. It is therefore important to deliver a positive experience.  The phone should be answered by a real person (not an automated system) and that person should be warm and friendly.

Patient Recall
It is a good idea to periodically go through patient records and look for candidates for technology upgrades or re-evaluation.

If you want to keep the patients coming through the door, you need marketing.  As a business owner, you know this; as a practitioner, you really don’t have the time to do it yourself.  Having a key employee who understands marketing strategy and can implement your ideas for you is key.

“It takes many things to run a successful practice,” says Dr. Kasewurm, “but having an employee you can count on is a good first step.”

Read the full “Guide to Managing for Success” over at the Hearing Journal.

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